In My Own Skin Out Now

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What they are saying about In My Own Skin:


Although she shares songwriting credits on 99% of this outing, with veteran songwriters like Billy Lawson, Jane Bach, Sam Tate, Lenore Rosenblatt, and Janis Ian (her lifelong friend since childhood), there are no songs by committee. Street’s fingerprints are all over this, and every cut on here sounds lyrically and melodically unified and the overall production strongly maintains that unity. As Berry Gordy used to print on his label, “It’s What’s In The Grooves That Counts ” and they count off strong with her opening fingersnapper, “Wrap My Mind Around You.”


- Elmore Magazine


“By 19, Janey Street had three record deals. In high school, she was picked up by Warner Bros. and later she joined Capitol Records. After that, Street was on Arista Records, invited by Clive Davis, as one of two new artists that year on the label. The other artist was Whitney Houston. Street’s two singles, “Under the Clock” and “Say Hello To Ronnie” charted on Billboard as she settled into her new house by the ocean in California and then she lost her record deal, but today Street looks back and is thankful her life took the turn it did when she reflects on that time.  


- Huffington Post


“The combination of Street’s songwriting and her confident soaring voice make this album a musical treat.  It has a retro sound with equal parts pop and R&B/soul, and brings back memories of the days when radio stations just played songs, not genres.   Street has penned some of the best songs this reviewer has heard in quite a while…”


- Indie Voice Music Blog


“While attending the now-defunct Quintano School for Young Professionals, Street was given her first record deal at Warner Bros., then picked up by Capitol Records and, finally, signed by Arista Records, working under the wing of legendary executive Clive Davis.                                      


Eventually, Street was dropped by the label, but continued to play gigs in Los Angeles before making the decision to move to Nashville, where she mentored and taught up-and-coming songwriters and artists. Finally, she was signed to a new label—Blue Élan Records.”             - Queens Tribune